Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Stuff

Each semester I think I am going to be more prepared, but this semester has begun with a flurry of rushing about and stressing about posting deadlines. I should know that I work best under pressure and allow myself to wait in order to squeeze out the best work without harboring guilt.

I have mixed feelings about this semester. I am excited about being able to write for “homework,” (I am sure someof the work will end up here) but I am nervous about my Strategies for Educational Inquiry course. I would not have taken it if it wasn’t required. However, I felt the same way last semester about Learning and Cognition in Education, and it turned out to be my favorite class- second to my adolescent literature course. That was fantastic!

I am going to put my doula/child birth educator certification on hold for a little bit. This is disappointing, but I feel that I am really going to get into too much if I am not careful. I think if I wait until summer and begin it will be a bit more manageable.

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